November 17

World War 3 Poem


World War 3…
Where will it be?
Neatly contained in poor little Ukraine,
Or spread out globally?
All I know
Is who’ll pull that first trigger…
Won’t be no masochistic patriarchal man. no no.
It be that smiley evil witch… complicit in decades of global crimes against humanity.
Why none other than President Clinton. Yes that’s right. Hillary.
Nato nukes Russia nukes America nukes Iran nukes Israel nukes China. Uh oh…
All seems so utterly petty.
But the Will of the British Empire, and their lacky President Hillary,
Hell bent on fulfilling a multi generational game, of geo political chess.
Brains splattered, melting eyeballs drip out our noses…
Millions dead, no less.
“So what?!” proudly exclaim
neoconservative eugenicists.
For not to worry, they’ll be hunkered down safe in Denver airports underground facility.
Alas, world citizens, are you awake enough to hear me..?
…World War 3 becomes highly likely with a 2016 smiley President Hillary.



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