July 12

The World That's Dying & The World That's Being Born [Video: Catherine Austin Fitts]


One of the best presentations about global economic and social change EVER!
This lady reaaaaally gets what’s going on in the world… and what we need to do about it.
Catherine Austin Fitts pinpoints the problems and solutions of today’s ‘War of Two Worlds’ raging throughout humanity.
Very, very important information to survival and prosperity.

There is a world that’s dying and a world that’s being born.
Today’s economy is not a market economy. It’s not even Capitalism. It’s just organized crime, which by nature is based on force.
Initiatory force will not end unless and until the economy has full transparency. We as citizens have to make that happen.
Are you financing the people building death… Or are you financing the people building life?
The more we hit a critical mass [of people withdrawing support from the system] the more we can do.
We need to stop financing the system of centralized economic warfare.



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