December 18

With Trump As President…


Everything changed with Trump’s election.
Liberals came out of the woodwork, drowning out the voice of reason throughout the media and high-tech Silicon Valley / Hollywood types…
If Trump physically and politically survives and does even half of what he campaigned for, we’ll see a shake up of the US like never before.
He will not be able to prevent an economic tailspin that has been brewing for decades.
He may lose re-election in 2024 with a huge resurgence of socialist Liberal agenda from the Millennial generation that will lead to more social and economic turbulence — enough to sink a battleship.
With Trump’s win, the Survival2020 blog will continue with very infrequent updates posted. The main focus is to develop the I Am Earth’s Survivor story and keep it updated with real-world scenarios of possibility and probability for our protection and survival.
For when the SHTF,
Good luck out there.
Team Survival2020


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Hello world!

Hello world!

Trump for President 2016?

Trump for President 2016?
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