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Trump for President 2016?


The rise of Trump’s popularity is indicative of the shifting mass political sentiment in the US and also across the world.
The Establishment is losing control and every socialist-minded political voter or advocate can’t understand what Trump signifies.
Bottom Line: A rejection of the political status quo and career politicians.
Man may not be a saint, but he is the saving grace at this 11th hour.
The difference between Trump and Hillary is clear as night and day. Although so many people are wearing black-out sunglasses of mainstream media deception.
So here’s a little collection of videos that help explain some of the key points and attacks laid against Trump for anyone curious to understand what’s going on.

Trump Endorsed by Klu Klux Klan?

Lawsuit Against Trump University?

Trump A Racist?

Something I found in comment to a youtube video about Trump being racist:

For the biased ill-informed community who does zero research and buys into the liberal media:
1.) Illegal immigration is different from immigration.
2.) The issue with illegal immigration is that they can’t pay any taxes, due to being caught and deported; which, leads to American tax payers being financially responsible for them through the costs of the judiciary, healthcare, and education system, along with many other expenses. According to Fair U.S. Publications, the annual amount that American taxpayers pay to support illegal immigrants is 113 billion dollars EACH YEAR!
3.) To rebuke the claim that “Trump and the GOP are picking on Mexican illegals more than insert country of choice illegals!” The reason that illegal Mexican immigrants are “targeted” more than other nations, is because, according to the Undocumented Population Report, 81% of all illegal immigrants come from Latin America or through the Southern border. While 6% are from every European country combined INCLUDING Canada. The reason we don’t build a border to defend against Canadians is because there are only an estimated 65,000-75,000 illegal Canadian immigrants, while there are approximately 36,000,000 illegal Mexican immigrants-and the number is growing. Donald Trump’s message is not one of hate, he is a polemicist. His message is this: Illegal immigration is good for Mexico, it benefits tremendously from the pouring of US dollars into its economy, supporting families, and relatives of immigrants in America. That’s why the Mexican government is not complaining and is happy to maintain the status quo on its borders. The government of Mexico acts like it is a right for its citizens to cross the borders into the US to find work. Not a bad deal for any government that doesn’t want to be accountable to its own citizens to improve their lives, the economy, and human rights conditions. The message of the Mexican government to its citizens is: You want a job, human rights, and medical care, then go to the US if you can’t afford it here.

Trump a Fraud according to Mitt Romney?

Trump Islamophobic?

When I find a video clip I’ll post it here. Bottom line. Trump says we need to stop the influx of undocumented unverified immigrants because of national threat to safety. The majority of that risk is coming from Islamic counrtires/people. That’s not islamophobic. That’s violence-phobic. If muslim countries were the most peaceful on Earth then Trump wouldn’t need to mention it. Just last week an islamic woman babysitting a 4-year old girl in Moscow cut the baby’s head of. That’s right. Do you want that to happen in your city? Didn’t think so. So the countries borders need to be fully protected and every person that comes into the country must be vetted for their violent beliefs, whether christian, islam or jew. I’m pretty sure Buddhists for example are philosophically non-violent. Not so for the Abrahamic religions. That’s not racist. It’s not against a race. It’s against a philosophy of violence that happens to be wide spread among certain groups of people, at the forefront of which today is Islam. Simple.

Trump for President 2016?

If it’s him vs Hillary, I’ll take Trump 3 times over. Hillary is a deeply broken soul, hell-bent on un-earned political power through deception, bribery, fraud, and violence. Trump shoots his mouth off and panders to the mass political crowd in order to break the establishment.

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Posted by End The Fed on Monday, 7 March 2016


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With Trump As President…

With Trump As President…
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