August 4

The Neothink Implant – For Readers Of NeoThink Literature




by WhiteRabbit

From a Thailand bungalow, 2006

Private letter to you, a Neo-Tech owner. (Regarding your use and profit of Neo- Think).

Setting The Stage

As the sands of time ever fall away I poor from my heart and soul into these pages. There exists one thing, just ONE thing that is important – The rise of Biological Immortality on Earth in yours and my lifetime.
That one single final desired result sets the stage on my life. – Set’s the stage on every Self-Leaders life, wherever we can muster the Discipline, Thought and Control.

The New Context of Experience

That one single desired result also puts a frame of understanding, a contextual tint, over Earth’s literature; epic or tragedy, romance — anything that presses upon human emotion, human motivation, human attention.
While reading Frank R Wallace’s recommended or referenced literature (such as Walden by Henry David Thoreau), I see parts where Wallace would have agreed, and also parts where Wallace would have thought differently. Overall the differences seem to emerge from one new perspective that Wallace had that did not exist for writers/thinkers until our time. That of the possibility of achieving commercial biological immortality in our lifetimes.
Thinkers/writers of the past did not have the near possibility of non- ageing commercial biological immortality, thus they wrote and thought from a perspective of finding and making happiness in their finite life. To ‘endure the struggle’. To ‘simplify, simplify, simplify’ our life, etc.
But for us now it is different. For every human living today it is different.
Everything you read can be seen under 2 laboratory lights. One reflecting the shadow of Death. The other reflecting the brilliance of the rising super-rapidly-advancing-new-technological-world of Neo- Tech… and its gift of Life.
Everything you see, say and do. Everything that others say and do… Whether they, you or I genuinely acknowledge and accept the responsibility of the opportunity of Happiness Forever or not, everyone’s subconscious knows it and has to deal with it. Everyone is increasingly becoming affected by it, through the growth of the Wellness Revolution, technological advancement (stem cells etc).
The responsibility of living well to survive and help bring about the Super-Society with its great gift of Immortality.
We will accomplish the goal that Wallace himself missed by a whisper. It is you and it is me that shall whisper invisible bullets of Neo-Tech Power into the minds and hearts of Earth’s populace over the next decade – or so… (We can not know for how long the struggle, the endurance of the Anticiv will go on).
Sometimes it seems as though my life is put on hold for the purpose of first achieving that one great desired reality of Biological Immortality.
But at the same time I know that the depth of my experience and the happiness that stirs inside me is far more thorough, and far more complete, than that of my Anticivilisation acquaintances, peers and contemporaries in Earth’s masses.
It’s similar to my friends who ask me aren’t I bored with healthy food. I assure them I enjoy it far more than they enjoy their junk. Their faces drop – for a split moment they understand, and then they happily blank it out again.
Since being tattooed with a desire for the Neo-Tech Civilisation and Biological Immortality I have interpreted philosophy, literature, and the experiences of life Through the Looking Glass of 2 perspectives: Infinite Life and Infinite Death.
Searching, searching, searching… for the bottle of potion that says ‘drink me’ giving me access through the narrow doorway to God-Man and Neo-Think Power.
The more answers I find the more my questions seem to proliferate. I see no end in site for how much investigation inside the Anticiv could be done. I sigh…. There is indeed so very very much to be accomplished. But Wallace served us with a fusion of Anticiv perspectives, references, and understandings – I realize each of us simply by reading Neo-Tech a number of times discover answers.
I discovered some new answers in 2006.
My personal credo draws from my personality type strength (also my emotional weakness). Being needy to have things organized and under control.
My credo can be said as ‘To Help Organize The World For Freedom’.
My 2006 realization is that being organized is impossible. It’s like fascist economics of central control.
It fails. But I made a breakthrough for personal success in late 2006. I’m more flexible now. Efficiency goes beyond getting organized.
Our quest as Self-Leaders will be to efficiently enough organize the world for freedom, to facilitate the spontaneous collapse of mysticism which Wallace sought.
To focus on the 20% that accounts for the 80%. An Archimedean lever of influence.
DISCLAIMER: The enclosed report reveals my own interpretations and perspectives. I can not claim that anything I say would have Wallace’s or NTPs agreement.
I also mean the report to be seen only by Neo-Tech owners that are past the skeptical stage, the ‘blows my mind’ stage, and the ‘numbs my brain’ stage.
If you do not yet know much about or value my own Neo-Tech oriented integrations, then this report is not for you at this time. Please stick to my publicly available notes via and take a look- see as to whatcha think of an old rabbit’s badgering… before following me down this new rabbit hole I’m digging for 2007.
You’ll need to tread carefully so as not to tumble beyond understanding. It is not a quick read nor is it one of my articles I am inspired with and dash off in 30 minutes. This is a special feature report having had a dozen full revision edits. I ask that you print it out and read from paper (because comprehension will be a lot better).
It describes my new insights and new approach to help you and I develop Neo-Think. I present to you a 4-part puzzle picture. I believe it to be important for our future.
Are you ready? You are? Ok then, let’s hop to the next room.


Imagine working diligently on discovering the ‘essentials’ of Neo-Tech Power by:

  • Monitoring the evolution of Wallace’s Neo- Tech.
  • Building a collection of 29,561 files logically divided amongst 4,404 folders on your computer covering every area of your research into life success.
  • Constructing a matrix of mind-maps that capture, organize and deliver the essentials of your research.

How and when could you get the time needed to do all that?
I’ve been doing just that for the past 10-years.
My Anticivilisation professional life is in ruins. My social life is sparse, although I enjoy it more now than ever because of my powers of influence, self- satisfaction, independence, etc.


While monitoring the day-by-day edits that Wallace published on as they happened, right up until his death. For 5 years I watched digital-dot by digital-dot every edit that Wallace made public.
I used services like Google Alerts to tell me precisely where and when changes throughout happened.
I noticed the styles of writing change. I saw the exact additions, amendments, edits, revisions and deletions that Wallace made. The layers of integrations added.
That helped me to understand the process and development of the Neo-Think mentality and matrix that Wallace was cultivating.
Here is one example of one of the newest edits that were made to Pax Neo-Tech.

Exhibit 1 from my Google Alert 30 Jul 05.

“As attuned readers proceed through Pax Neo-Tech, their accurate predictions yield ever-increasing power and profits. Such readers learn to think honestly, widely, independently. They learn to think beyond biases, opinions, and faiths. They learn to neothink…” – Frank R Wallace, Pax Neo- Tech

That paragraph was edited into the following in my Google Alert 27 Dec ’05. Just 2 months before Wallace’s death. (compare it with above).

Exhibit 2 (bold emphasis added)

“As attuned readers proceed through Pax Neo-Tech, their expanding insights and understandings yield ever-increasing advantages — Illuminati advantages of limitless power and profits. Such readers learn to focus on essentials while simultaneously thinking honestly, widely, and independently. They learn to think beyond biases, opinions, and faiths. They learn to neothink…” – Frank R Wallace, Pax Neo- Tech

I feel a great responsibility to deliver my own life’s work and I’m optimistic because of a new 4-part puzzle picture I want to share with you here.
After a decade of owning and growing with Neo- Tech I discovered a key piece i was missing to help you and I develop Neo-Think together.
There are 3 more puzzle clusters to this picture…
My most important Neo-Tech integrations to date.


Warning: What I reveal to you below is the most penetrating investigation of psychology in the Anticivilization that I have ever exposed. If you feel the ‘Neo-Tech Readers Burden’ what I write here might hit you quite deep in the gut.


Wallace wrote that:

‘Everything comes from optimism, nothing comes from pessimism’.

If ‘everything’ comes from optimism, optimism must be pretty darn important then right? (eyes wide.. blink… blink)
Wouldn’t we do well to understand what is and how to use or develop optimism?
But surely, I thought, ‘realism’ is from where everything comes. It has taken me a long while to integrate the apparent subjectivity of ‘optimism’.
That new understanding is what I want to share with you in this report.


Wallace said:

“Neo-Tech cures the diseases of dishonesty, irrationality, and mysticism by shattering the psychogenic quartet of faith, force, fraud, and socialism.”

Why was Wallace so big on ‘optimism’ whilst also so big on bashing ‘faith’?
What’s so different between optimism and faith?
What’s the great difference that makes one of them ‘from where everything comes’ and the other one ‘part of the psychogenic quartet of mysticism?
This is what I discovered…


Hopelessness involves the feeling that a desired result, desired outcome, event, or achievement will not realistically happen. This corresponds with the pessimism from which Wallace said nothing comes.
I learned about this in one of Wallace’s top reading recommendations. Viktor E Frankl’s book Man’s Search For Meaning.
In World War II concentration camps, Dr Frankl was a prisoner who worked as a Doctor. He explains that without a meaningful future to aspire to, man feels no sense or purpose in living and psychologically gives up. He says:

“I once had a dramatic demonstration of the close link between the loss of faith in the future and this dangerous giving up.
My senior block warden, a fairly well- known composer and librettist, confided in me one day; ‘I would like to tell you something Doctor. I have had a strange dream. A voice told me that I could wish for something, that I should only say what I wanted to know and all my questions would be answered.
What do you think I asked? That I would like to know when the war would be over for me. You know what I mean Doctor – for me! I wanted to know when we, when our camp would be liberated and our sufferings come to an end.’
And when did you have this dream?” I asked. ‘In February 1945′, he answered. It was then the beginning of March.
“What did your dream voice answer?” Furtively he whispered to me, “March thirtieth.’
When he told me about this dream, he was still full of hope and convinced that the voice of his dream would be right. But as the promised day drew nearer, the war news which reached our camp made it appear very unlikely that we would be free on the promised date.
On March twenty-ninth, he suddenly became ill and ran a high temperature. On March thirtieth, the day his prophecy had told him that the war and suffering would be over for him, he became delirious and lost consciousness. On March thirty-first he was dead.
To all outward appearances, he had died of typhus.”
– Viktor E Frankl, Man’s Search for Meaning.

The mans loss of hope was so complete that his body gave up life.
[psyche death leads to physical death].
So clearly hopelessness and pessimism is not a good thing for developing into Neo-Think God- Man… 😉


Is not faith and hope the same thing?
What is the great difference?
Is there a rational type of hope compared to a mystical type of hope?
Consider your own situation:

  • Satisfied with your progress?
  • Anxious? Disappointed?
  • Upon what do you pin your vision for a better life on?
  • On what time-scale is it set?
  • Would you say you are more optimistic or pessimistic?
  • Either way – why?
  • Are you somewhat ‘given up’ whilst you ‘just try to get by until ____’?

This struggle we are in, and the battle of optimism vs. pessimism leads us to a type of apathy…


In telling about his death camp experiences Viktor Frankl shows where hopelessness of the prisoners would turn into apathy. Apathy is when hopelessness is so great (we are so pessimistic) that we give up trying – we don’t really commit ourselves.

‘Neo, it looks like you are waiting for something.’ – Morpheus, The Matrix

I wrote an article in early 2006 (whilst I was frustrated by all these problems of faith and hope etc) and I posed the question ‘Why don’t you do the things you say you want to do?’ (ironically not many people responded). One insightful person said ‘insecurity on the way things may turn out’. I would call that ‘negative expectation’ and that to me is a bulls-eye hit on where the problem of apathy comes from.
And in apathy, it can appear that we do not even care. In fact it happens when someone cares so very much, yet is pessimistic about success being possible.
But that’s just normal people… Here’s the big kicker…


Reach down into the emotional conclusion of the Neo-Tech Self-Leaders terrible burden.
How much worse for a neo-tech man & woman like you & me?
Through Wallace’s writings we vividly know the existence and the tight strangle hold that the Anticiv has on the world, our loved ones, and our own minds.
We not only have the normal every day Anticiv problems to deal with, the hurdles of career paths, relationships, etc. But everything is so much more heightened and important given our conscious awareness of Neo-Tech potentials and insights.
Whilst carrying this Neo-Tech burden of awareness between desired reality of the super-society vs. current reality of the Anticiv, we are supposed to develop optimism?
Make this specific to your own situation in life and your progress with developing Neo-Think and acquiring Neo-Tech values.
Do you feel optimistic about your discipline, thought and control that you applied yesterday, will apply today – and what about tomorrow?
Let us be honest together. Maintaining mindfulness and effort towards Neo-Tech values is tough isn’t it? A near constant battle. Indeed Wallace explained in the Neo-Tech Consultation Packages in the early 90s that ‘it hit me like a ton of bricks’ when he first realized it is really hard to be honest all the time.
You have to face your own personal mysticism and failures to maintain discipline, thought and control; wide scope accounting; and fully integrated honesty.
You’re stuck inside this coercive world just trying to survive, make enough money or find enough time to get the time, money, resources, information, and connections to really strike it big with value creation and value reflection.
Every day balancing your awareness and emotional insight to deal with the Anticiv and grow towards the riches and romance that we know Neo-Think will give us.
Seeing such a lifestyle as possible to you – whilst knowing the
blockages you face within your self, aware of the mystical masses and the neocheating elite, as you watch time continue ticking by…
Is it any such wonder that as a Neo-Tech reader, aspiring Neo-Think Self-Leader, that you carry a greater burden, more genuine hopelessness, and even apathy at times, than all of our happy-go-lucky ignorant Anticivilisation counterparts and peers? Hard isn’t it? Tee hee hee. Yes sirree bob it is.
As Neo-Tech owners, we probably experience greater, wider, deeper happiness than anyone else in the Anticiv because we are more connected to universal understanding and nature. But at the same time that heightens this terrible burden of our awareness about the Anticiv, and our own part and place in it.
I wrote Wallace an email part of which said:

“You keep grinding my face back down into the prickly thorns and matrices”

I said to him that I believed we have had enough of ‘away from motivation’ describing how bad the Anticiv is, and that we needed more ‘towards motivation’ which I said I hoped was to come in the later volumes of Pax Neo-Tech.
I believe that was the most significant/insightful part of my email to Wallace. On 16 October ’05 Wallace replied to me with:

“I really appreciate your sending me this information.”

It wasn’t until reading his response to me that I suddenly realized the connection of dots in Wallace’s newer work about optimism and pessimism. He had been struggling with this whilst writing for the Zon Protocols.
Wallace wrote:

“Sixty years ago, a song about leaving Earth’s anticivilization titled Gloomy Sunday, sung by the jazz-blues singer Billie Holiday, was banned from the airwaves because the song lured listeners into suicide.
It was dubbed the Hungarian Suicide Song.
Today, the song of Earth’s anticivilization is captured in an earlier published book titled, Out competing God and Government. The song within that book can likewise lure listeners into suicide, directly or indirectly. Dubbing that book the Anticivilization Suicide Song, it was withdrawn from the market after it’s first printing. The remaining inventory was destroyed.”

He sought a new path, a path that would build optimism, to carry us away from hopelessness and apathy.
To re-cap Puzzle Cluster B:

  • Nothing comes from pessimism.
  • Loss of hope can lead to apathy (giving up – seeming not to care).
  • The burden of awareness is much greater for us with Neo-Tech knowledge.
  • Wallace summed up that apathy in a dangerous Anticiv Suicide Song in the late 90s and realizing what he had done, destroyed those writings, and sought a new path to develop Optimism.
  • Everything comes from Optimism.

I have only now in late 2006 been able to really feel I understand the new direction Wallace took towards Optimism.
Puzzle Cluster C expresses my turning point discovery…


You may have heard about or seen the new famous personal-growth film called The Secret. It features Bob Proctor. And Bob Proctor is partners with John Kanary.
I had a 1-year coaching program with John Kanary in 2004. Expensive. He’s great. But I got just one single golden nugget from the entire coaching program. And it was a strange experience.
I realized the great answer to develop Neo- Think, whilst becoming the God-Man, and the solution to this problem of burden and hopelessness between Neo-Tech optimism and Anticiv pessimism.
At one of the live events he asked the group if anyone knows what the root word of enthusiasm is.
I blurted out ‘Entheos!’
…and John came over to my table and looking square at me in his deep Canadian accent said: ‘do you know, you are the only person who has answered that in all the seminars I’ve ever done’.
I smiled and shrugged. But then he asked ‘so do you know what it means?’.
And of course my mind was a blank and I shrugged again with a guilty expression and the group howled with laughter! Oops.
So the root meaning of the emotion of enthusiasm comes from the concept of being ‘god-like’.
If we are enthusiastic, we are god like. What are synonyms for enthusiasm? Passion, motivation, energy, stuff like that right?
So consider that a major aspect of becoming god- like (becoming the God-Man) means to become enthusiastic, passionate and motivated.
So all the hopelessness, apathy, and pessimism is contrary to us becoming the God-Man. THAT’s why Wallace wrote that ‘everything comes from optimism’! Because optimism involves the energy of enthusiasm required for the state of God-Man.
That was the tumbling pebble before the land slide which followed…
Sure it was an interesting and even a valuable connection that Entheos meant godliness as well as enthusiasm. But it’s no great shakes to realize that becoming the God-Man requires optimism, motivation, enthusiasm, passion, etc.
But what really is enthusiasm, where does it come from, how can I get more of it, where do they sell it? Pill or potion?
I had asked the question now. The missing puzzle piece was dangling above my awareness.
After he and I had that exchange about the root of enthusiasm being ‘Entheos’ which translates as ‘god-like’ he walked away from my table and continued his talk.
I was lost in my thoughts: But my mind tuned me back in at just the moment he again turned to face me – Catching eye contact he winked directly at me and said the two words ‘positive expectation’.
Wamm! (Why did he wink specifically at me? Did he know what I needed to hear?) I was transfixed by this new phrase, and as I repeated those two words to myself letting there weight press against my mind a chill slowly ran up my spine and over the back of my head (a phenomenon I seem to be prone to).
I was lost in thought, no longer hearing John’s coaching, but I had exactly what I needed.
Alas, in that moment I felt like I had learned a secret that had been kept from me about.. well.. becoming the Neo-Think God-Man. My mind raced onwards with the following flurry of thought…
It’s not just enthusiasm that’s important. Alas, mystics can be enthusiastic about their gods & governments.
Positive Expectation means emotional enthusiasm with realistic reason to justify expectation of a certain event, outcome, result or desire. To ‘positively expect’ success.
With this understanding of Positive Expectation we can now understand the difference between…


You see, at this moment, I became clear why Wallace labeled ‘faith’ as such a bad thing where he said:

“Neo-Tech cures the diseases of dishonesty, irrationality, and mysticism by shattering the psychogenic quartet of faith, force, fraud, and socialism.”

People use mystical faith to be enthusiastic for things such as god and government.
This shows part of the mechanism through which mystics rationalize their dishonesties. They mistake the root of godliness and thus develop faith (through mysticism) rather than positive expectation (through honest reality).
Thus they can never become god-like, they are barking up the wrong tree to heaven. Ultimately of course ‘Only Atheists Go To Heaven’.
They do not (because they can not) have rational based positive expectation about mystical things such as god and government. This means they can never be honestly enthusiastic, they can only be mystically enthusiastic.

  • Faith means hope without plausible justification.
  • Faith is a hope without rational positive expectation.
  • Hope based on faith is mystical.
  • Hope based on Positive Expectation provides deep and real enthusiasm which is the root meaning of the ‘god-like’ concept.
  • Positive Expectation reveals itself as the reality based optimism that Wallace identified ‘from which everything comes’


See, Wallace understood all this about Positive Expectation already. I think he discovered the way of it in 1996 writing Profound Honesty/Zonpower.
Wallace realized he wasn’t succeeding at reaching optimism, about 9 (?) years ago when he wrote and scrapped his Anticiv Suicide Song.
So in his work made public on the site, and the books I’ve got at home, he never really made it clear enough for me to understand this difference between optimism and pessimism; or between mystical faith and rational hope.
Wallace purposely wrote cryptically. He could have been far clearer and straight forward if he wanted.
Wallace was writing for years in the future when all the pieces would be in place.
Read some of your Neo-Tech for yourself and see his regular use of these ideas (optimism, pessimism, faith, hope, etc) without ever explaining them.
I haven’t seen the later volumes of Pax Neo-Tech and look forward to doing so very much at whatever point I can get my hands on them.
And I finally now feel a clear confidence about where Wallace’s digital writing was headed. The direction towards creating Positive Expectation.
In late 2006 I realize what you do not need:

  • What you don’t need is more facts about the Anticiv. (You’ve got enough already)
  • What you don’t need is pump up motivation through inspiring articles. (It’s a hollow approach that I am abandoning because it does need lead to deep rooted emotional positive expectation)
  • What you don’t need is me or anyone else pushing you or challenging you about why you’re not doing what you say you want to do. (I now realize that merely reinforces hopelessness and apathy)


We share the same need of watering the 2 roots of God-Man and Neo-Think:

  • Growing our Positive Expectation for God-Man
  • Whilst learning to think in essentials for Neo-Think

…The 2 roots for God-Man / Neo-Think Power.
Through these 2006 realizations and integrations the solution has been highlighted for me. And I see the approach of Wallace’s development of Neo-Tech…
What you need includes understanding these concepts about mystical faith vs. rational hope etc – and then you need a clean-sweep ride to Positive Expectation.
I need to know that I’m connecting with you about all this. I need to know who I am really connecting with.
Let’s continue into Puzzle Cluster D.
HOP Hop hop…


1. The emotional management of having to put up with Anticivilisation chores such as dealing with a grind-mill job, cranky family, zombie-like friends, and distracting entertainment.
2. The practical management of your time and energy available for developing your Neo-Think Self Leadership lifestyle.
I’m getting more and more powerful feedback from Neo-Tech readers on my new articles and product developments which now include clearer notes and better development of Positive Expectation.
You might already be one of the beneficiaries of my new work into Positive Expectation and Efficiency
Here is a chunk of an email I got from NeoCra just recently, a Sound Music Educator:

“I’ve been NeoTeching for almost 3 years and it’s taken me that long just to get rid of much of the irrelevant mind-numbings.
Great to discover someone who uses it in daily life to such positive effect. Your 7 steps has got me motivated.
Your illustration of the current reality point and how necessary it is to understand it finally made a piece of my personal Neo Tech jigsaw fit into place.
Having read it just today, I took a break, went to the library and tried a little experiment. I wrote my desired realities on one half of paper and my current realities on the other half.
Immediately I could s e n s e the creative tension between the two. Brilliant.
But, more than that.. It makes me think I can do it.. I can achieve my desired ends because now I intellectually understand the Structured Tension facts and can emotionally feel them too.
Get onto Mark Hamilton and have him include the graphs about the pins in his work because that was the missing piece for me.
And you’re right, I feel somewhat lighter now. Calmer. And have more faith in my capabilities. thank you.”

NeoCra has now tapped into a practical application of value creation and emotional Positive Expectation. Look again at the bits above I highlighted with underline.
(NeoCra, you used the word ‘faith’ which we’ve identified in the above puzzle pieces as a mystical notion compared to ‘positive expectation’. I bet you’ll email me explaining that the idea of Positive Expectation definitely fits better than the word ‘faith’ does. Isn’t it so much more solid in pin- pointing the emotion?)
But what is the most efficient way to develop emotional positive expectation to reach towards the state of God-Man (whilst learning to think in essentials to develop Neo-Think)?
Now in 2007 comes a re-orientation of my public projects and a new socially interactive platform for us all to develop our Neo-Think power.


Positive Expectation is an emotional state based on honest rational insight.
This is key. +ve X can not exist without emotion or without reason. Neo-Think combines both right and left brains. Combining emotion with reason. THAT is what Positive Expectation ‘is’.
(By the way – if you have clarification or expansion questions for me, email me. I would LOVE to get your feedback and questions).


What thing can fully exploit both reason and emotion?
The 2 broadest ingredients for growing emotional/ rational Positive Expectation can be seen as:
1. Direct experience (fact/proof)
2. Demonstrative imagery (story/vision)


This was the solution Wallace pursued after the late 90s in Profound Honesty / Zonpower and later in the Zon Protocols pointing to NQS (Nature’s Quintessential Secret and the ‘Quantum Crossings’) which was going to be Wallace’s grand fact/fiction epic ‘to end the nights’…
… Using the magic of epic poetic story to ‘unite our minds’.
And that doesn’t mean to say stories sell products; it means stories influence the reader to absorb and accept that which is proposed in the given facts (real or imagined).
The emotional story gives influential power to the facts.
And that is why Mark Hamilton wrote his story The First Immortals (formerly called The Story).
And that is why Eric Savage too is now authoring a story of his own.
Emotional fictional drama gives you an experience through which to learn more deeply and quickly than just fact based information.
A few years ago I wrote my own little story “I Am Earth’s Survivor” ( – I have not updated it for over a year now).
You can read some of the feedback I’ve received at
And since then I’ve continued learning more about the importance, effects and techniques for how to write stories.


Through my new level of understanding about Positive Expectation and story, I’ve decided it’s time for me to develop the sequel to “I Am Earth’s Survivor”.
An emotional vehicle for automatically giving you the essentials of my integrations on Self- Leadership captured this past decade in my mind-maps and notes.
The focus of which is to give you the direct experiences (facts/proofs) and demonstrative imagery (story/vision) of Neo-Tech advantages, power and success.
Through it you will develop the reason and emotions of Positive Expectation to help us all develop God-Man ‘enthusiasm’ and Neo-Think ‘thinking in essentials’.
You will gain emotional Positive Expectation towards the Neo-Think mind by combining fact with story.
Direct Experience (fact/proof) includes:

  • 1st-hand Proof (emotional reassurance) of Neo-Think advantages happening in your own life.
  • Lasting Practical application of Self-Leader Values, such as power-thinking, DTC (discipline, thought and control) and mini- day schedules.

Demonstrative imagery (story/vision) includes:

  • Demonstration of techniques, perspectives, concepts, advantages via story/fiction dramatization.
  • Vision (clarity of hopes) of rising above the draining distractions and crushing coercions of the Anticiv into your own effectiveness of Self-Leadership, personal career development, and efficient happy lifestyle.

Are you ready for that?


It’s not that direct experience is purely rational. That’s actually a crucial point and I’m glad I brought it up 🙂 direct experience is emotional – it has to be so that you and reality are ‘connected at the hip’.
That’s the whole point of Positive Expectation. That your real life, the seriousness of value creation, brings about the happiness of value reflection.
And demonstration imagery (story) is not only emotional. Ayn Rand made the point that most literature sought to escape the seriousness of life because the masses can’t fit seriousness and fun together.
My contribution to all this will be my new fact/ fiction project that I’ve called…


I shared a little bit of the Neo-Think Implant idea with Barry, a Neo-Tech correspondent and joint venture partner just recently, to which he said:

“The forthcoming Neo-Think Implant…. Stated with precision… (the WhiteRabbit). It’s like it rebooted a chip in my brain. Thanks!”

And some clips from Barbara who is one of my most diligent readers:

“At the point of contact with the ‘WhiteRabbit” a choice has to be made. Your presentation is so pure… I personally knew what I was looking at when I discovered your site, so right now I am deliriously happy… Even those who realize what they are looking at “A REAL Treasure Map”, the mind gets overwhelmed.”

Well I’m going to bring everything together, to a MUCH purer level of integration, via the Neo-Think Implant project.
This will help us all get past that overwhelm that comes from the Neo-Tech Awareness Burden.
The Neo-Think Implant will deliver a decade of my research within the frame of an emotional storyline plot and characterization.


The Neo-Think Implant is a completely new setting to “I Am Earth’s Survivor”. We will move to an alternate future. One in which the Self-Leader network is causing havoc for the Neocheating stronghold.
The year is 2010, where we meet Que at the time he receives his Neo-Think Implant chip:
Through the piercing sound, Que was slowly coming back to consciousness.
In his delirium he mumbles “Noisy kettle, what’s that sound, where’s it coming from?!”
In the room’s total silence, the 2 women efficiently dressed in long dark red leathers say nothing.
Shay presses Que’s forehead down and then looks into his rolling eyeballs with a tiny torch – strokes his hair.
Mem holds a stop watch, finger poised to press stop, as if she is timing a terribly important event.
The man they call Morpheus leans forwards. They call him Morpheus because, similar to The Matrix character, he is black, a matured Self- Leader authority figure, and also very much wanted by the Neocheater authorities.
With a very calm controlled voice Morpheus speaks: “Give it time my friend, it’s the interface, your brain will adjust soon”.
But HOW soon, Morpheus anxiously wonders privately to himself.
Morpheus knows that only minds of a high degree of openness to honesty have enough capacity to interface with the chip. Otherwise it can’t connect to the mind and becomes dormant. He is confident
Que will be fine of course, but how long will it take?
That timing reveals how quickly the implant recipient will be able to advance through the Neo-Think
Implant training to develop full Neo- Think power.
And with the current struggle against the Neocheaters, Morpheus depends on Que.
“Jesus Devil it’s loud!” blurts Que cringing through the discomfort – but clearly now regaining full conscious awareness.

“This thing better work, cost me enough to stem-cell rejuvenate an arm and a leg. I don’t even have enough money left for my last supper.”

Mem nervously keeps glancing at Morpheus waiting for the signal to stop the stop-watch.

Of course there’s no practical value to gain from that short clip; it’s just an example of the story framework for The Neo-Think Implant program.
Did you sense an expanded interest and psychuous enjoyment of the story line just from that tiny little clip? Having read Ayn Rand’s fiction, and Mark Hamiltons fiction, you know the kind of direction I want to take this in. I know I’ve got a lot to learn about writing fiction. I’m on it!
Through the story of Que’s experience and training with using the Neo-Think Implant brain chip, I will help you to efficiently slide past your own real-life personal mysticisms, and difficulties with applying and profiting from Neo-Tech.
The project also involves publicly releasing a matrix of mind-maps that I’ve been working on for years to cover all areas of life advantages that will be packaged as a ‘normal’ public product that subtly trains even non-Neo-Techers in the mental craft of Neo-Think.
The Neo-Think Implant will give an emotional positive expectation through the practical tools and concept essentials for:

  • Eliminating The Neo-Tech Self-Leaders Burden
  • Developing Neo-Think power and a Self- Leaders lifestyle.

You will now have the practical building blocks for developing and profiting with Neo-Think Self- Leadership.

“May we gain the time needed to succeed” – Frank R Wallace

PS. What can you take from this report as fact/ proof and story/vision, to immediately give you a boost in +ve X and Neo-Tech Power?
PS 2. I know there is a lot in this report. I suggest you leave the print-out on view somewhere and pick it up again in a week or so and re-read it all. You’ll begin to plum deeper into it’s value.
PS 3. Neo-Tech Profound Honesty 1996 said nothing should be done online without a view to profiting from it. I’d like you to join me in the Neo-Think matrix building on my site
Digital Neo-Tech grass roots are spreading ever deeper.
And please get in touch with me about the content of the report.



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