December 31

Silver is the Achilles Heel of the Old World control-grid


This video is spot on.
Physical silver investments will not only serve you very well in the months and years ahead because of how high in value silver will most likely go…
…but silver also acts as the achilles heel of the the corrupt elite paradigm.

Silver is the Achilles Heel of the Elite’s paradigm.
By transferring their fake, corrupt paper money into real, honest money, like silver, it will ultimately destroy their control of the money/debt.
The more money/debt they create, the more it will work against them as we put more of that money into silver.
Think of it: every single evil in this world is made possible only through the Elite’s debt/money system. 
Through the control of the of the privately and foreign owned central banks, the Elite control our money, food, industries, government, media, natural resources, capital markets, military and, ultimately, you. 
This iron-fisted control enables wars, propaganda, police states, corruption, pollution, crime, drug trade, disintegration of families, etc. In fact, you show me the evil that you fight against, and I will show you how it always comes back to the very corrupt basis of our money.
Silver is the antiseptic for all of these ills.


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