June 25

Scary Messianic Speech Video Goes Viral


Rabbi proclaiming Jesus the Messiah and the Glory of Israel to a US Government audience through a scary veil of non-sequiturs about the founding of America (the Founders were Deist not Theist).
America was not created for the purpose of the will of God, but to get rid of the oppression from the Monarchy of Britain. To free men, not bind them.
America was founded as a secular humanist republic, not a theocracy, or even a democracy.
What’s more, if all those scumbag politicians sitting in this speech actually believed in the god this guy talks about, then how do they excuse and justify the huge level of corruption that exists throughout the US government including war, fraud, force, bribery, theft and so on.
Which leads me to see that this guy too is on on the big fat hoax. A tool of duplicitous men and women seeking, gaining and maintaining power through corruption throughout the ages.
Scarily, this speech also aligns well with the apparent agenda of the Catholic Church for creating a new global religion.
And the laws of god he alludes to, presumably the 10 commandments, came from ancient scriptures of Sumeria, not a burning bush on Mt Sainai.
They secretively or unknowingly bow to pagan gods while denigrating paganism publicly, giving lip service to morality that they do not keep themselves.
By what twist of mentality do our religious leaders and politicians maintain their semblance of sanity…
I’ll tell you.
Through the pig-headed acceptance by the gullible masses. If we the people can not see ‘the man behind the curtain’, the ‘wizard’ continues to bellow hot air.
Acceptance by the people. Reliance on external higher authority. Sacrifice of self and responsibility.
But that time is coming to an end.
src: http://www.westernjournalism.com/messianic-rabbis-warning-to-america-goes-viral/


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