June 8

Where The Price of Silver Is Going and Why


Could a single ounce silver coin become worth thousands of dollars?
When the odds are looking good, and a coin only costs $25 today.
And when buying silver is not only protection for you and family, but one of the most leveraged ways of direct activism available to us.
Shouldn’t you be getting in on the act of buying silver NOW, before you lose that pricing advantage soon?

Nobody should under estimate the COILED SPRING EFFECT that underlies the silver price. 45 years of computer price suppression won’t blow off smoothly! I will attempt to quantify the potential price movements in Silver based on my 20 reasons to SELL/BUY – Bix Weir

Check out Bix Weir’s analysis here: Where the price of silver is going and why


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With Trump As President…

With Trump As President…
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