June 24

Human Rights in the New World


This just in from my friend Yon Cole on human rights and honesty.
ALL PEOPLE have The Right to LIFE —> No one may kill anyone else:: those that do are murderers.
ALL PEOPLE have The Right to SAFETY —> No one may initiate violence against anyone else, no one may threaten to initiate violence against anyone else:: those that do are thugs or assailants.
ALL PEOPLE have The Right to PROPERTY —> Those things that you create are YOURS and no one else may take them away from you. Those things that you acquire through mutually voluntary exchange with others are YOURS and no one else may take them away from you:: Anyone who does is a thief
ALL PEOPLE have The Right to CONTRACT —> It is fraud to enter an agreement and not do what you say you will do. When you enter a contract and do your part, you have a RIGHT to have that contract enforced and the other party may be compelled to uphold their side of the contract. (Enter contracts carefully, don’t enter contracts that are too confusing, take 100% responsibility, if people read contracts and decided not to do business with companies that used long hard to read contracts those long contracts would go away, companies would feel the pressure to make simple contracts that customers would be happy to read and sign.):::Anyone violating a contract is a defrauder.
GOVERNMENT has one valid purpose: TO PROTECT THE RIGHTS OF ALL THE PEOPLE. Government has the valid purpose to use the minimal force necessary to bring to JUSTICE anyone that violate anyone else’s RIGHTS: murderers, thugs, assailants, thieves, and defrauders.
THERE IS ONLY ONE JUSTIFICATION FOR THE USE OF POLICE or MILITARY FORCE: and that is: to bring to justice INDIVIDUALS who have violated the RIGHTS of others.
See Yon's full article: <a href=”http://www.yoncole.com/blog/?p=166″ target=”_blank”>It Is Time To Stand</a>…
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