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Gold reflects the destruction of paper money


A detailed summary of the global financial situation by a source that we follow closely.
Egon von Greyerz explains the importance to you of precious metals investments and how gold and silver will act as insurance for anyone that holds it, during the great global economic collapse.

“Never ever have we had a situation when the whole world is bankrupt [as we do right now]”

Egon's introduction to this interview published 31st December 2013:

On the final day of the year 2013 we are publishing the interview that Lars Schall has just conducted with me in Zurich.
We cover a wide range of important areas which include the coming failure of the gold paper market, the importance of owning physical gold as insurance against a failure of the financial system and to protect against counterparty risk.
The risks are considerably higher now than they were in 2008. The likely consequences will not just be a repeat of that crisis but the end of a major era. So this time, the world cannot print itself out of trouble and instead we are likely to see “The Dark Years are here” an article which I wrote a few years ago and which Lars asks me about.
We also discuss the gold price and if I am worried about the current pressure that gold is under as well as the destruction of the currency system within 5 years from now.
The future for our children and grandchildren is likely to be a lot more difficult than ours. But the world has been through these periods before and survived. So as I say in the interview, people should prepare themselves to the best of their ability and then just continue to enjoy life.
Finally I wish everyone a healthy 2014 — it will definitively be eventful.
Egon von Greyerz

Who is Egon?

King World News has a compelling bio page for Egon von Greyerz.


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